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  1. Thanks MEB! I have a couple of subsequent questions now that I've discovered this. Where is the context toolbar typically located when using the default layout? When using artboards it appears that the background color has changed from dark gray to light. Is there a way to change this so that the work space looks more like the original Affinity work space when using only one "document"? (Does my question make sense? I'm brand new to Designer and trying to figure out just the basics. Another question, which I should post as a new thread is, Where do I find a "smart guides" type function? That is, when I draw a new object, how do I get it's corner node to snap to another object's corner node? The snapping tool doesn't seem to engage that. As a matter of fact, I can't even figure out how to move an object by it's corner without reshaping the object!) Thank you for any tips!
  2. I updated to the latest Affinity but can't find the multiple artboards feature.

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