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  1. The real-time embedded document editing is wonderful. However, without the perspective warp functionality, it really is limited. The warp feature was on the roadmap list over a year ago, when is this going to be implemented. So far I am loving this tool and this is the first real negative I've found. Well, maybe the eye-dropper tool, that might need some UX help. Thanks
  2. Is there anyway to separately save out the embedded document after you edit it? It's great that you can edit it on the fly and instantly see the changes, but I need these changes saved. Ideally the original embedded document would update like Photoshop Linked Smart Object, but there at least needs to be a way to save out the work that you changed on the embedded document.
  3. mike.creativedash

    Embedded documents don't sync with original

    So is there anyway to save out this embedded document you can edit? If not, what's the point of editing it? I've edited an embedded file and now it's trapped in the source document with no way to save it. is this on the feature roadmap?