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  1. I converted a photo into a silhouette and traced it in order to print on a T-shirt (bitmap to vector with transparent background). However, I need to remove a gap between the arm and the body and am stuck. There is no knife ala what I vaguely remember from Illustrator (I'm a photo guy not a designer ;) ). i selected the area with a pen, but can only fill it with white to cover the black, which won't work for printing. "Cut" is greyed out. How do I delete this space inside the trace of the image? Alternatively, since I traced the silhouette and filled with the entire outline with black, if I could have traced the outside, then traced the inside without deleting the first pen selection, I'd have it done. But I couldn't find a way to combine two pen selections on one layer. Thank you in advance anyone. / jim bit map: https://flic.kr/p/He7ywE
  2. Thanks for the prompt and helpful feedback, Hokusai. Happy Holidays!
  3. Hello. I hope this is the right place to ask this basic question. I'm a photographer, not remotely an illustrator. But need to convert a logo created in Photoshop {sorry, I've bought both your products but haven't learned them yet <g> } to a vector image for silk screening, not something I normally do. Do you have a description of how to do this somewhere that I haven't found or can you give me some guidance? If I did this with Illustrator, I'd first use "Threshold" in Photoshop to turn everything into blacks and whites, then import into Illustrator, select the image, then use Tracing/ High Quality Photo and export as a PNG. It's text plus a photo converted to a silhouette, or will be. What is the process in Affinity design? Should I export the image in JPEG or PSD format? Save out as PNG or other? Thank you in advance. best / jim