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  1. Thanks for ur response, I am looking forward for that update, keep up the good work...!
  2. Hello everyone, I need some help, currently this is my workflow, I use lightroom for basic editing and then export my files in tiff format to my edits folder. I open my edits folder with affinity photo and once I am done I save my work as tiff files. I was under the impression that you could save tiff files with layers in case you want to comeback and work on ur edits a little bit more but to my surprise when I open my edit files the layers were not there. I know I can use PSD and use the option to preserve edibility but can this be done with tiff files...!? Please help, I am a photo enthusiast but since I work full time I do not have the time to figure out this on my own. Thanks.
  3. Hello there, Thanks for the link...! I just bought myself a prime sense 50 mm/1.8 and cannot wait to use it with affinity photo. So far I love the app, keep up the good work guys...! By the way, can u provide a beginners tutorial for basic portrait editing with affinity photo, like I said I am an enthusiast and cannot spend hours exploring the app since working full-time, being a husband and dad take up most of my time. But I have a christmas present for my pregnant wife and that would be a photoshoot with her lil bump. I already have an idea what the theme of the photoshoot will be I just want some tips so I can make my photos really pop...! Any advice will be greatly appreciated...! :)
  4. Hello everyone, Photo enthusiast here, I got this hobby about a year ago. I was looking for an alternate app to photoshop (I just hate the subscription model). I am practicing with a few techniques that I am learning throughout the web like duplicity, hdr, panning and blending. I like to take pictures of landscapes but I still cannot figure out how to open multiple exposures so they can be stacked, aligned, and blended together. Can this be done in affinity photo? Also, for those experts out there, we would appreciate it if you start flooding the web with tutorials about different techniques with affinity. Great app...! Thanks...!
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