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  1. Thank you all for your help. I mainly oriented on your suggestions, Andrew. It was a slog but finally, it gave rise to a good result.
  2. This sounds like a weird but interesting idea, but the pano function tries to combine the images so I am unsure if this will lead to an usable result. I will give this a try but I can not believe that in such a powerful tool like AP there is no "gadget" or strategy which helps to correlate a bunch of images with ease.
  3. Thank you for your re. This is true but the adjustment is applied to all layers by the same amount. My images are different in exposure, WB ... but should be as close to each other as possible at the end. I need a tool to help me not to apply one adjustment to all images but to get the same exposure, WB and tone for all images eventually.
  4. Hi, I have 6 portrait images which I will collage. The images show the same person, each image in front of a slightly different background and the images show also slightly different exposure and color. Is there a straight way or method to approximate the images to the same exposure, WB and tone or is the only way to adjust (fiddle around) manually? Thanks a lot for your help! Regards Paul
  5. Dear Affinity Team, I bought Affinity Designer for Windows including Grad UI Kit, DAUB, The box ... for free. How do I activate or find those elements? Thanks for your feedback. Regards Paul
  6. Thank you for your response! Is there a way to set the thumbnail size for the whole Mac system? Set "Standard" does not work. If you chance to other folders, just the small images are shown.
  7. Just to bring it up. Hopefully, someone can confirm. Best regards Paul
  8. Hi, in the Mac Finder, I use 256x256 Pixel thumbnails for preview. Is it possible to enlarge the quite tiny thumbnail images in the dialog for open images in Affinity Photo? I would really appreciate this. Thanks for your answer. Paul
  9. Thank you very much for your extensive answer, James. It brings some light into the shadows! :) The effect is indeed better if the default tone curve is "off". I did not notice this since I am using the develop persona for RAWs and also or mainly for jpgs, because of its high convenience. A big request at that point: When the develop persona is started, "Exposure" and "Enhance" are open. WB and Shadows/Highlights are not. Please allow starting with all open. << Well, the upcoming Photo 1.5 release will have full unbounded 32-bit support, from Develop through to Photo. This means that if you develop in 32-bit, you'll be able to dive back into the Develop persona at any point during editing and non-destructively alter the tonal ranges. This wouldn't be achievable or work as well if the shadows and highlights adjustments were doing more than simply altering the tonal range. Big hand for this! <<We basically have a distinction between purely tonal adjustments, where pixels are being remapped rather than changed, and filters, where pixels are changed (sometimes dramatically). The Shadows/Highlights filters of course falls into the latter category. If it were to be included in Develop, I feel it would sit better under the Details category with the other filter-based options like Detail Refinement and Noise Reduction. Sounds consistent. Regards Paul
  10. Hi, what is the fastest way to change the saturation of different colors or at least color channels (RGB) by different amounts? Even better: To change the color saturation also for shadows mids and highlights differently. Can you suggest a fast way? Thank you a lot. Paul
  11. Maybe i can get an answer by the Affinity Photo Team. Perhaps my question is unclear, but I think it is not. To give an example: I often use the develop persona and I would highly appreciate if I would not need to leave it in order to get full Shadow/Highlight modification capability. Best Regards Paul
  12. Maybe someone can respond. I really like to know why are there different Shadow/Highlight recover dialogs. Best Regards Paul
  13. Hi, it is just a question to improve my understanding. The adjustment of shadows and highlights is very ineffective in the develop persona, as you also admit in the FAQ section. So, why don´t you include the much more powerful shadows and highlights manipulation/recover functionality of Shadow/Highlight found in the "Filter" menu? What is the actual point of including "shadows and highlights" in the develop persona, which shows hardly an effect? Regards Paul