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  1. -- pasteboard ++1 -- art boards ++1 -- bleed, trim marks +1 Without pasteboard and art boards AD has so far been unusable for me. For instance when opening .ai with more art boards. AD opens the first one and doesn't prompt me about which one I would like to really open.
  2. akuAtaja

    Use font collections

    Good point. If the metadata is really problematic, the automatic categorization would work for default fonts only. And perhaps for those fonts with no issues during AD's categorization process. For the rest there might be another category, for instance 'uncategorized'. When user opens AD after installing a new font, he is asked if he wants to manually categorize fonts which were not recognized. I believe some order in list of fonts would really help designers be more effective and a bit more conscious when thinking about type.
  3. akuAtaja

    Use font collections

    Automatic font categorization would be excellent (a superfeature!). Possibly just for (1) serif, (2) sans, (3) script, (4) exotic. At least for Mac pre-installed fonts. 'Automatic' meaning the user wouldn't have to create the collections himself, one by one. But AD would take care of it itself. Edit: I forgot, to have a slab category would be useful as well.