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  1. I have seen this addressed, but I have not seen a solution? I just bought Affinity Photo, and I can't access it from Photo as a 3rd party extension. I see that I need the Beta version in order to make that happen, but I can't find the Beta version anywhere in order to download it. It does not show up in the App store? So I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do while I wait for a fix/update? Also, I agree with several other people that the tutorials assume that you either know nothing (the first beginner video), and then they launch into complicated videos with steps that I can't follow without watching 3 times. And sometimes steps are skipped with the assumption that we already know things that newbies don't know. The instructor's skills and proficiency are admirable, but I would love some step-by-step instruction on the basics first (not just WHAT he's doing, but WHY and what they differences are if he made different choices) instead of flying through complicated steps. It's probably hard to slow down when you've done this for years, so maybe an instructor who is a little newer to photo editing would appreciate what our questions are. These beginner videos could be skipped by those who don't need them. That being said, I'm looking forward to seeing what Affinity can do - those of us who were using Aperture have been waiting for someone to come along with a great replacement, and I'm hoping this is it!

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