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  1. Hi Madame, I've only been able to spend half an hour on the problem this evening, but already have a pretty good result, close to your example. Intend to start on a fresh copy tomorrow working even more carefully. Thanks again, ready to go solo on this now.
  2. Madame, that's brilliant! Better results than I could have expected from my previous attempts. I'll follow your suggestions this evening. Many, many thanks!
  3. Hi VIPStephan and MBd, thanks for your suggestions. I've now got text that is plainly visible, but looks very artificial. I'm still struggling to: a. Make the handwritten text look natural, and b. Extract just the handwritten segments to overlay on the original backdrop layer. Still stumbling around...
  4. I'm very impressed by the capabilities offered in Affinity Photo, but it's overwhelming when attempting a first piece of work and the excellent video tutorials don't seem to help in this case. I have a 600dpi jpg scan of an old certificate with a badly faded ink signature. The objective is to put the original certificate in storage and display a new printed copy. Can anybody give me a few hints on how to enhance the signature which has faded from the original black to a very pale sepia? Attached is a low quality copy of the signature section. Many thanks, John
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