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  1. Hi guys, designers and affinity developers Let's talk here about new technology introduced Apple in new Mac Os El Capitan to improve speed programs working with GPU directly. Designers, what you think about this technology? For me, i like idea, but officially Mac that support this technology must be not earlier 2012, so i wish there will be some hack to activate it on older mac. Affinity developers what you think about this technology do you start to work on it, is it really improves speed? Can you say some nearly dates when you release it? Thank you.
  2. Hi, found this odd bug, when i use selection area tool in document with typography and other stuff and choose in refine dialog, create select area to new layer it doesn't do anything it works only in new file with single photo. One note - it works only if i open photo with "open in app".It's doesn't work when you use drag and drop. AD 1.2.1 OS X 10.9.5
  3. Hi, everyone , Affinity team thanks for the product, it easy and smoove Plus one for Blend tool, because it's saves time in many ways and make actions much simpler to do.