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  1. OK, I tried it a little bit and found a workaround for me because it might be a feature not a bug as well :) NOTE: I tried to use the correct English terms and I use Affinity in English but in the help menu the German help file appears. It seems not like a bug but it would be nice to get the help in the language which is set in the preferences. :) 1. I make a new Document 2. Embed my Assets-Category in the Document 3. Close the Document 4. Delete the Asset Category 5. Open the Document 6. The Asset Import Message appears --> OK 7. Now the Assets Category is
  2. Hello Affinity Team, I'm working with Affinity Designer 1.5.1 and it is not possible to delete any asset when it is embedded to the Dokument. When the asset has been imported without to embed this asset before, it is possible to delete a asset. Thanks ar0ma PS: You make a great job.
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