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  1. carlos_gamble

    Size adds 1px when creating slice

    I can see the value of placing artboards on sub pixels but then surely AD should be auto aligning the layer slice to the relative X-Y, 0-0px position for each board? Drove me mental!! Thanks for the solution though. No more angry developers shouting at me cus I've missed a keyline around hero pics :) I'd suggest this as a fix though, or you're going to keep getting people posting on this one.
  2. Hello, Was wondering where on earth the paragraph spacing controls had gone to, then I noticed they were simply not there anymore! See attached screen grab. I can't now change paragraph spacing, which is a bit annoying. Is this a known bug, can I back date to 1.4? Help! Carl
  3. carlos_gamble

    Missing Bleed on PDF

    Yep, that's a good fix Lee. Thanks. And I've had no issue with bleed on Artboards before. Still a bug as you should be able to have the adjustment layers and it not remove the bleed.
  4. Hi, Recently had the bleed go missing on export to PDF. Had to recreate the artboards, in once instance on a new file for them to be exported. Just to clarify; bleed was selected on the Document Startup and the PDF export. I've attached a stripped down version of the file and the PDF I was getting (with crop marks but no bleed). Anyone else reported this? Not fun when I've got work on deadline! Any ideas? Carl MISSING BLEED.afdesign MISSING BLEED.pdf
  5. carlos_gamble

    [Fixed] Designer fails exporting to PDF

    Hi Both, Thanks for looking into this. Just to further expand; I was copying and pasting the table from InDesign. Firstly; this produced excellent results (better than pasting into Illustrator!) but something did trip up the PDF export. Then I tried to import a PDF, same issues. Then I tried an EPS file and it worked! So, I have a fix. The only downside is the type was outlined. Still, it's a shame the initial copy and paste didn't work as that would have been really useful. I will try the colour swap though, it didn't occur to me that the swatches could cause the issue.
  6. Hi, I've been using Designer and having issues when exporting to PDF. There's been plenty of failures, no crashes but I do get the attached message. I've isolated one of the problem elements and placed into a new file (see attached). Just to clarify, I'm trying to output to PDF/X-1a (nothing rasterised). I can rasterise the content (as an embedded EPS) and get a result but that's really ideal. Hope you can help. Regards, Carl PDF Export Issues #2.afdesign