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  1. I've just downloaded Affinity Photo to try it on my machine - what caught my eye was the statement that it supports opening large PSB documents; unfortunately, results were a bit mixed. When trying to open a (multi-layered, 16bpc) PSB, I get the error message "The file could not be parsed." -- Photoshop CS5 can still open the file normally. I managed to open some PSB files, and so I'm not quite sure what factor is causing the problem. I've managed to open some PSBs that are <1.5GB and have only one layer (files generated by exporting from the master image). Files >4GB with multiple layers all seem to fail, but Photoshop can still open them just fine. (Some of the files in question were originally created using PTgui Pro and were panoramic photos, stitched together from a few dozen to a few hundred 16bit per channel TIF frames and then further cleaned up in Photoshop. The last sample file tried was a 16bit per channel RGB PSB file ) Is there a known limitation with Affinity Photo's support for PSB? ...or - if not, is there any extra debug information that could be generated? Any feedback would be appreciated! Benedikt
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