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  1. I really struggle with the rounded edges function of the rectangle object. I think this isn't a good solution as it is now. This is the problem: - I create an rounded rectangle object and set the roundness of the edges to 5% - now I want to work further on my project and have to duplicate and resize the rectangle - but after resizing the roundness of the corners are not the same, than on the original object. So it would be great, if the roundness of the box corners are not related to the size of the object.
  2. Hey MEB, many thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay ... I've just switched on the notifications ;-)
  3. Hello, in Affinity Designer I have magenta colored borders on some objects. I don't know the reason and I don't know how I can get them away. when I export the image they are not there. Any ideas?
  4. Hello, so, it's easy to create custom color Palettes in Affinity Designer, but I have some problems to change colors in complex layouts - maybe there is a way I don't know ... So, it would be very cool I you have the option to Name a color, maybe as "Background" and one as "foreground" Example: background = white foreground = black For every color I can choose I'm able to define - this is my foreground color, this is my background color or whatever. Now if I change the color defined as foreground from black to green, every Element with this color changes to green - indepe
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