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    File / Open Recent

    OK that fixed it. Thanks.
  2. pjglad

    File / Open Recent

    All it shows is 'Clear Menu' Ctrl and re-open does not help.
  3. Please consider adding a tutorial for Soft Proofing. Thanks.
  4. So how does Soft Proofing work in AP? There is nothing in HELP. I know there is a soft proofing adjustment layer. It appears as if you adjust the background layer and compare it to the soft proofing adjustment layer.
  5. I have a Canon Pro-100 printer. I would like to load an ICC profile for a specific type of paper. Where are the ICC profiles located? I looked in the Colorsync folder and they are not there. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c5au3isj39vygi3/screenshot2.jpg?dl=0
  6. This is a good course. Wait until it goes on sale for $15 which is like every other week. https://www.udemy.com/affinity-photo-101/
  7. Should I submit this as an enhancement request?
  8. So I just calibrated my iMac with ColorMunki which created an ICC Color Profile. So, how do I utilize this profile with Affinity Photo? As an FYI, I read Colour Management HELP and I am confused. Thanks.
  9. I do not know what IPC memory restrictions are, but does this imply that Photoshop and Lightroom tolerate this restriction in order to utilize this plugin? Thanks.
  10. This is an excellent intro to Affinity Photo https://www.udemy.com/affinity-photo-101/learn/#/
  11. Develop Persona Crop Issues - Cycle Overlay and Cycle Orientation do not work. screenshot.tiff
  12. Actually, I'm confused. What are clipped midtones?
  13. Affinity Photo Help is written in British English not English. Hence, I searched for Color Replacement Tool and did not get a hit. Kindly localize Affinity Photo Help based on language selection in preferences.
  14. Is there anyway to make the grid lines more prominent (e.g., color, thickness)?
  15. AP UI suggestions 1) Liquify Persona - Please add a "space" to the Customize Toolbar 2) Photo Persona - Please add "live filter layer" to View/Studio as I would like to add this as a panel.
  16. At 2:12 seconds into the Layer Masks video, a layer mask is added and it is inserted nested below the Background Layer. However, when I try the same scenario the layer mask is inserted above the Background layer. Why is that?
  17. The menu bar is configurable. I would like an undo/redo button too.
  18. pjglad

    AP V1.4 Develop Persona Crop Issues

    Is this now fixed in the current beta??? Thanks.
  19. pjglad

    Affinity Tutorials

    Try these links http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/photo/photo.html https://www.udemy.com/affinity-photo-101/
  20. I set Tone curve = Apply tone curve in the Assistant Manager. What exactly does it adjust? I checked the Basic tab and Tones tab and all the adjustments are zero.
  21. Perhaps one of the Moderators could respond. I am trying to understand the impact of the Assistant Manager in Develop Persona. Thanks.