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  1. julianwue

    Crash when trying to change font

    Had the same issue, and wrote in an other post about it. Thanks to earlier replies here I tested to change the resolution with my 4K display. So I changed the screen resolution to 1080 and it worked without any problems. After this I set it to 4K again and yeeah its still running. Thats a nice trick, but still confused why my display resolution is able to crash AD. This should get a fix in the next version.
  2. Ok, after deactivate all possible Fonts and a reboot Affinity isnt crashing anymore. Now I activated the needed Fonts step by step and it still works.
  3. Same problem with crashing Affinity Designer on Mac OS. I deactivated all manually added fonts in font manager. Still crashed, so I decided to even deactivate computer based fonts. Only a few needed system fonts are available now. Still crashing when I use the dropdown. This problem is now existing for months and I am not able to use the software anymore. Affinity Photo is also affected by the bug.
  4. julianwue

    PDF/X-3:2002 missing in AD

    Ok thanks for this information. Sadly one of the biggest online print companies in germany still wants 1.3 PDFs. So only solution is to use other file formats, which is not perfect, but works.
  5. julianwue

    PDF/X-3:2002 missing in AD

    any news on this problem? Illustrator offers the X-3:2002 and X-3:2003, why Affinity not? Over one year later and no progress.
  6. I see often pictures like this. As an interface designer I would love to click one button and see my different groups of layers exposed like this. Makes it easier for the workflow between developer and designer. Maybe this function can be adjusted to specific distance between layers, transparency and a main focus layer (no transparency). Source: https://n26.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/n26-blog-ibb-card-setting.png
  7. julianwue

    use ¶ like in word?

    Thanks for take this as a feature request. I found a fast solution to see if there were some tabs misplaced by copy my text to MS Word and check it there. For sure it would be nice to have it inside Affinity Designer (you will anyway need it for Affinity Publisher)
  8. Hello there, I don´t know the english description for this ¶ function you can find in MS Word. But is there something like this in Affinity Designer also? I want to see my tabs and spaces. Thanks
  9. One big german online print company (Flyeralarm) needs PDF/X-3:2002 when you deliver data. Affinity doesn`t offer this format. Any plans to include it in Affinity Designer?
  10. When I select a item in my Affinity Designer and want to see it in the layer panel I always search it in the list. There could be a button to jump in the list to the right item.
  11. Today I found out that Affinity already build in a great feature! You can change the app to edit your file from Designer to Photo and from Photo to Designer. Amazing Idea, so I started designer, played around and hey I got super creative in this workflow with changing the apps. Problem I forgot to save... While you change, affinity closes the document in the one place and opens it on the other App. So it must save it somewhere to the hdd?! Sadly there was a problem... And right in the moment I thought I should have saved my creative ideas and was in a rush to go, I found out the change of the app didn´t work - designer opened nothing after closing the unsaved work in photo and all my work was lost. I expect this behaviour in a beta app, but it is the retail version I use - so I was kind of dissapointed. Is there a way to get in this use case the "Restore unsaved file?" dialog you mention in https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/12683-auto-save/?p=55276 Why do you not force people to save the document before they are able to change apps?
  12. julianwue

    Text replace function (Designer)

    Thanks for the answer, this would also make sense in the Designer/Photo Apps. So maybe you can add it there, after you made the function in DTP. Should be a easy step to bring one function to another tool. Anyway thanks for the answer.
  13. Hello, I search a basic function that can replace text in my Affinity Designer designs. I have used in a design the Text 2015 about hundred times, and now I want to reuse the design. Easy to understand that I don´t want to click hundred times to the texts to edit the 5 to 6. Can someone help with this? Thanks. Julian
  14. Thats the problem when you use always shortcuts. I didnt see the function is already there. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks! :)
  15. When I work in an existing document I often open a new document and want to paste some result there. In 90% of the time I want to use the Clipboard size to generate a new document and not something predefined like A4, .... For me it would be helpful in both, designer and photo, to have a button to get the size from the clipboard. Now I have to look for the sizes before, not them down, create a new document, write these values there, create it and past it. A similar workflow you can see in Paint.NET (win only). When you copy something and create a new document it automatic set the size. I recoment to not automate it always, just a button to set the fields with a clipboard size.

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