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  1. I've noticed a strange behaviour in a file I'm working on: every time I open the Document Setup dialogue, the DPI setting doubles in size. I don't need to change of the settings or do anything to the document other than open and close Document setup for this to occur. I am on retina mode. Not sure if you've seen this one before. J
  2. It would be good to have the ability to constrain control points for vector curves to guides / grids / elements. At present you can constrain control points to 45° increments by holding the shift key whilst dragging a control point from an end point. For really accurate work on eg. display type it would be great to be able to snap control points to guidelines/intersections, to be sure of the shape of a curve, in both angle and length. Separate but related question: can you manually set co-ords for control points? Thanks, J
  3. Oh, awesome! Thanks MEB. Any idea when? Are betas announced exclusively in the forum? Or is there a mailing list or similar? Also, do you know what the pictured selection toolbar is called? Thanks again, J
  4. Hi- first post, I love the software, it's replacing a lot of Adobe bloat in my workflow, and it runs beautifully. Thanks! I do however wish it was easier to clear away all the tools, for three reasons: 1) I want the maximum possible work area 2) I want to be able to easily see designs in their own context, not in the context of other styles, however nice they are. 3) I want to be able to present work to others (who don't know where the UI starts & ends) in as clear and immediate a way as possible. At present, there are four pieces of UI that get in the way of these cases: AD calls three of them 'Tools', 'Toolbar' and 'Studio'. The fourth piece is a contextual selection toolbar, though I don't know what AD calls it. It looks like this (when nothing is selected): The first three UI elements can be hidden, one at a time, using the following methods: Show/hide toolbar = Alt + CMD + T Show/hide tools = click View menu > Show Tools (no shortcut) Show/hide studio = CMD + Shift + H I cannot find a way to hide the pictured contextual selection toolbar (save dragging it to a second display). Am I missing something obvious? In Adobe PS/Illustrator the tab key does this, InDesign uses 'w' to switch view modes. AD currently provides the means to hide the tools, but makes it so arduous (particularly showing/hiding tools) that it's only really worth doing before a presentation. And the contextual selection toolbar remains throughout, unperturbed. For reference, I'm used to a flow where I use palettes/tools to set up a change or make a mark in a design, hide the palettes/tools, make the decision, edit it, and show the palettes/tools again only when I need to change tool/colour/etc, and don't know the shortcut. A simple combined shortcut (or the ability to set one) for already extant functionality would go a long way. Getting rid of the remaining selection toolbar would be icing on the cake. Thanks for reading, hope this kind of thing was already on your roadmap (in which case: strong upvote) :D
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