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  1. Using the pen tool it appears that when clicking and dragging while holding shift throws off the path. There appears to be a soft yellow guide that appears pointing to where the next anchor point will be plotted. Is there a way to fix this so that I can just plot, click and drag while holding shift to get paths I need? I don't want the anchor point to fly off in an erratic direction while vectorizing lettering.
  2. MEB, I appreciate your reply and info. I'm attempting to create a hand-drawn icon set for a specific industry and was looking to subtly rough out some edges. It looks like that may be a tad limited right now, but I do look forward to AD's brush capabilities soon. Thanks again!
  3. MEB, thanks again. I just saw a tutorial on creating brushes and noticed it is saved out as a .jpg which means I still would not be able to expand it as it is an image, correct? I hope that isn't the case, as I'm really looking to get AD over Ai which I have been using, but need the brush functionality.
  4. MEB, thanks for the warm welcome and information. I understand what you mean. So then is there a way to "roughen" up a shape or would I need to create a vector brush for that? I'm still learning this program a bit, thanks!
  5. I'm using the trial version and AD seems decent thus far. My question is regarding brush strokes. They do not expand as a regular stroke. When I apply a regular line stroke and select Layer>Expand Stroke it works. When I use a brush stroke instead of a line it does not expand. Help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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