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  1. Oops... worked wonderful with all the elements besides the leaves (that compose background in the top). Still trying ...
  2. Dear Dave! Thank you very much indeed for your explanations! The file was originally exported from AI though SVG format. As for vector parts of the project - indeed, when I start to work with them directly in Affinity and then export to PDF, everything is OK! So, now I understand how to cope with this. However, my question also regards the rasterised image of tea itself. Despite all my attempts to change the export resolution of this slice in "export options" I still get very low resolution in the final PDF. What could be a problem here? Many thanks again, Alexander
  3. Hi! Could you please briefly describe how shall I correctly export to PDF. The project has vector+raster elements. When I'm currently trying to export, I'm facing two problems: a. raster elements are exported in very low quality (despite I'm trying to indicate best quality in export panel) b. Some vector elements are exported as raster (and, correspondingly, are also pixelated!) Many thanks in advance for help! Alex Test.afdesign Test.pdf
  4. Hi! Really nice product! Are you going to support RTL languages as well? Alexander