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  1. Oh im so sorry for the confusion i meant the Flood SELECT tool!! 🥲 And creating a new layer to fix something is still necessary for me because it has to be quite precise/complex and the blending is quite handy
  2. I ended up finding a solution! My main problem was that the flood tool would only work on one layer, so when i closed the hole with a new layer it would still select the current layer. So i change the SOURCE option at the top to ALL LAYERS and the problem solves itself, i don't have to merge anything! I don't think i've been too clear on what i was trying to do, but hopefully this will help someone in the future too, aha.
  3. Hello! Does anyone know of a better way to make the flood tool ignore a certain section like a hole which i do NOT want the content of included without having to manually close the hole, merge the layers, make a selection, and then revert the layers while keeping the selection? Excuse my foolishness if this is something blatantly obvious. Thanks!
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