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  1. I am trying to install Silver effex pro as a plug-in to use with Affinity Photo 1.4.3. Though I have two of the Nik collection programmes available Silver Effex Pro is greyed out and shown as 'Not Known' in the plug in list. The whole nik collection is available in the designated plug in folder though. Only two of the colour effex programmes are available. I would really appreciate any help with this issue please as I want to move from Photoshop cc to Affinity but won't if I can't get SE pro working. Thanks in anticipation - Rob
  2. Many thanks. I'll wait for the next MAS update. You have developed an excellent App here.
  3. There is no 'haze removal' option listed under filters in my version of Affinity. What has gone wrong please?
  4. No haze removal button on my affinity

  5. Hi There For the example I have attached an image where I have cloned the left half of the image over the right half. You will see that the cloned image is notably darker than the left half. Any suggestions please? Rob _MG_1482.jpg.zip
  6. When cloning the the Target area is darker than the source area. Particularly noticeable when dealing with sky clones. Any ideas much appreciated.
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