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  1. . . . evidently claims to be an 'Affinity Designer'. The original forms were in Serif DrawPlus and worked well. With the new forms built with Design2 it is nearly impossible to see where the cursor is to ensure that the form fill-ins are correctly fit into the preset formatting which caused having to work with the pages zoomed to 400% - very clumsy to work with. Also, the designer did not lock or segregate any of the underlying layers from the text boxes, so it is extremely difficult to avoid inadvertently moving the graphic elements behind the text boxes or moving the text boxes themselves. While I feel this is not the appropriate software for the report my client wants, she has bought the new software and paid someone money to design these forms for her. As she does not understand the complexities of Affinity Design2, I am having a difficult time explaining the issues to her despite her poor review of my first fill-in efforts. It now takes twice as long to complete the reports as it did before the 'new' software - in reading through some of the instructional material for this software, there may be several ways to remedy some of these problems but I don't have the time to learn Designer software which she purchased for me to use for her work. I have been a virtual contractor for her for 10 years. Does anyone know how to adjust the cursor parameters to make the cursor easier to see (as in wider or darker or brighter or something)? Is there an easy way to lock the lower layers under the topmost text box layer to eliminate movement? I have not found the help files to be of much help for these particular concerns - any help will be appreciated.
  2. I have been searching the online Designer instructions and not finding answers to any of my questions. I really don't have time to watch all the videos in hopes my rather specific confusion will be addressed. I would REALLY like a downloadable, searchable, user guide so I can quickly locate the instructions I need. Affinity is so far removed from the former Draw+ that that manual is no help. Please advise if there will be such a tool in the near future.
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