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  1. The top layer of a book cover is being somehow overlaid with the color of the bottom layer. They are clearly top and bottom, and the only way I can see the right color for the cover art is by turning off the bottom layer. How do I fix this - and keep them separate? I have tried copying and pasting the original artwork into a new file, but when I put in a background, again the cover art takes the color of the background.
  2. Is there a way to set the angle of a pyramid, or any other shape, rather than having to calculate that then enter dimensions?
  3. Is there a way to set the angle of a pyramid, or any other shape, rather than having to calculate that then enter dimensions?
  4. How did you do that Alfred? It is the top of an L, which I cannot move without pushing the whole design out of place. Am I able to grab the top of the L and adjust length? Do you convert it to a node?
  5. I talked with Apple, and it was something to do with not having the correct account Apple ID. Once I'd signed in properly I could reinstall Photo with the latest version.
  6. Error message says: the file contains features from a later version of Affinity. How do I solve the problem? When we were offered a free upgrade to Version 1.6 I could only successfully upgrade on my Macbook Pro, but for some reason I could not upgrade on my iMac, which is what I use for all graphic work. Is there a way I can upgrade for free at this point? And would the upgrade allow me to open the image I need in Photo?
  7. How could I get the white line reduced in height? And how I would I ensure that the line retains the curve at the top? I cannot simply move the object down, and I can't seem to use the layers system in Designer as successfully as I can in Photo. So if there is a neat way to erase the top of the line, while retaining the curve, that may be most helpful. Thanks
  8. How do I make tiny movements of an object without typing in values? Do I hold something else down and tap arrow keys?
  9. I cannot find the update on the App Store, or the option to turn Welcome on, or any results for 'welcome' when searching help. Any other advice?
  10. Just starting with AD, and need to connect circles with lines, then repeat, to make a network image. I want to be able to move the connected circles and lines freely, as well as lock them, if that makes sense. What is the best/easiest way to do this? Any tutorial videos on this? Many thanks
  11. What is the easiest way to do this? I have tried grabbing png files, but I don't know how to separate the black arrow image from the white background. Any tips?
  12. I created an adjustment layer, but had to move its placing - and now the window/dialogue box has disappeared. How do I bring it back so I can make the actual adjustment?
  13. Thanks - this is useful. But what I want to do is to have two separate elements so I can merge them in a different way. So I need to know how to manipulate the tear shape. Or - how to separate the yin yang symbols.
  14. I have used the tear tool to create the basic shape, but am not sure how to distort this to get the right final shape. What would be the easiest way to do this?
  15. Here's the image. You can see the clear lines of the gradient. How do I set this up so that it is smooth?
  16. Can anyone give me some links to videos on fading images to transparency? I found one a while ago which helped me out, but it seems to have disappeared. Does anyone have a link to it? I recall the image being manipulated was in an underground garage. My issue is, I can create a box and try to set up the gradient, but on the image I get clear lines where the gradient box starts and finishes. How do I get this smooth? And where do I place the box in the layers?
  17. I have created a book cover, and need to use a new background template, and slightly reduce all sizes. What is the quickest, easiest way to do this accurately? When pasting the new template into the existing cover project, it is tiny. When pasting the elements from the cover onto the new template, they are huge. But when showing each of them as actual size - they are exactly as they should be. If I try to simply resize the template, it's proportions are not locked, so it become too fat or thin. 1. Why is this size-warping thing happening? 2. How can I get this sorted out in the easiest and best way? 3. How can I lock the template object when dragging it from the corners?
  18. As per Mike's point, it would be ideal if you have an ebook tool of some kind. I use kindle, as would many of the users.
  19. I was using Word for my books but this week I just had to walk away or lose my sanity. It's so unstable on the mac, and corrupts all the time. But, I hope that ID will get me through the current books, until Publisher is ready. Really crossing my fingers they put out something usable before too much longer. What do you write Mike?
  20. I'm putting out paperback and Kindle versions. InDesign has a Kindle plugin in beta at the moment, but I've yet to test it.
  21. Do you happen to have a rough window for the beta release at this point? 2016 or 2017?
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