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  1. I have about 80-90 panoramas to create. Is there a way to batch create them, out of the pairs of scans I have?
  2. I am creating panoramas of pairs of scans and they all come out upside down. When the panorama is applied, there is no Transform menu in the bottom right, nor are there the rotate icons. I need a shortcut for rotating these images 180 - what is the quickest and easiest way to do this?
  3. This is the one! Rasterising the whole lot was the missing step. Thanks to all for their help! So the steps that worked: 1. Scan document as black and white jpg or PNG 2. Import into Photo 3. Use Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels Adjustment 4. Levels: Black - 14% White - 76% Gamma - 1.288 5. Document > flatten 6. Filters > Colours > Erase white paper 7. Export as PNG, selection without background 8. Import into Publisher image frame 9. Give thanks and celebrate!
  4. I've tried this - same result again. The grey background is still there despite following all steps. When I create the PNG it looks as it should - so why is the grey background always in the final version that is imported into the picture frame in Publisher? If I paste it onto the page without using the picture frame the result is identical. It is as though it never truly gets converted to a PNG, or the background is not truly erased. When I paste in your version it works fine - so clearly I'm missing a step or two?
  5. I tried all this with a different scan - same result! But I could not copy/paste the levels adjustment. It just gave me the old image instead of the new one. What could I be doing wrong here? Are there any videos that could walk me through this process? I could not find any.
  6. What is the list of steps to produce this? I don't do this for a living so am very out of practice ...
  7. Just to be clear - what is the full list of steps after creating the scan, using this method? you say I should rasterise the first layer - but how is that produced? Do I have to duplicate something in order that there are two layers so that one can be rasterised?
  8. Is there a preferred file type to use when scanning the original? I can then send you one of those versions.
  9. This is the image with white bg erased in Photo - and then the image placed in an image box in Publisher:
  10. I am trying to end up with just the black and white image on a white background. It will be published on a white page so I need the off-white background in the original art to disappear. I'm not sure I know what you mean by placing a red rectangle below the image - how does that tell me if something is transparent?
  11. I follow the steps but the final imported image always has the background. When I select erase white paper it looks like it has turned into a PNG, but then the final image imported still has the background. Where could I be going wrong? I also select 'image without background' when exporting the PNG but when I insert the image it still has the original background that I am trying to remove.
  12. I will be scanning original artwork in order to produce a book. We will be using artwork drawn using black ink. When importing the scans into Af Photo or Designer, is there a way to separate the image from the original paper background - and create a PNG of each image? The idea is to avoid having whites around each image which are different to the paper stock color. I hope this question makes sense!
  13. When creating a TOC as per the Affinity tutorial video, I have found that I cannot space the TOC items out as I would like. If I drag the box in line with the para above it sends the page number to the next line. but if I drag the text box in from the left, it puts it on the same line. Is this a bug or should I be setting this up differently?
  14. Watching the tutorial below > at just after the 1-minute mark he does an "alt drag" to create facing page numbers. I cannot reproduce this. Could someone explain how this is done successfully? Firstly, I do not get a number when inserting page numbers as per the instructions. I get a hash mark - # I use the move tool to select the page number box then hold alt and drag to the right, but only manage to duplicate the # mark. The # mark does not slide along laterally, but is free of any snapping, so I cannot get it level. EDIT: Ah, I get it, I think. You now use Command-drag, not alt-drag. This works.
  15. When using the tool it creates irregular polygons by default - so how do I get it to make all sides the same? And - how do I create a hexagon? Do I modify a pentagon in some way? Okay - I got it - but is this feature available on the iPad version? Thanks
  16. I need to do a 3D mockup of a book cover - does Photo or Designer have that feature?
  17. I need to do a 3D mockup of a book cover - does Photo or Designer have that feature?
  18. Thanks FD. How do I then make this usable as an element in Affinity Photo? I have opened the SVG in AD, then saved as a jpg, but then I get a white background. I need just the triangle to be usable as an object in Photo. Oh, sussed it. Literally just copy the object from AD and paste into AP.
  19. I would like to export a logo design - how do I separate it from the white background?
  20. This is amazing! I will try it and see what results I get - thanks MEB. How do you create the white lines. My method has been a bit messy.
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