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  1. Yes, it is aligned to the baseline. I attach the file so far, so you can have a proper look. Thanks for your assistance with this. All I wish to do is to slightly close up the leading, to give myself a few more words per page. Wisdom build 1.afpub
  2. I'm not sure if this answers your question - I haven't worked with leading override before.
  3. It seems the easiest way to click through sections would be to use Section Manager. Every time I do a project I expect it to work this way. Please consider implementing this - over the course of an entire book project it will save me a fair amount of time.
  4. I wish to try closing up the leading on some text, but when I change it in the style, it does nothing. Why might this be? Thanks
  5. I have so many master pages and am not sure which one is being used on a given spread - how do I check this?
  6. I need to create a Kindle book from the Publisher document. But so far, every method I've tried gives me nightmarish results. If I open the PDF in Google docs it only presents the first 80 pages of the book. If I paste into Word, either with or without formatting, it gives me a single solid block of text, or carriage returns at the end of every line. Has anyone cracked this?
  7. It's okay - I got it. Preferences > select 'document' from drop down and set own shortcuts. But, the Publisher crashed and the shortcuts were wiped out. Why do these not save?
  8. I can't find a way to get it to play ball. I have to hope something like this shows up in the next release.
  9. When I hit update on the TOC it destroys the formatting I had. Life would be simpler if it recognized the existing formatting and preserved it, rather than defaulting. But I'm sure it's my ignorance of styles, as usual. How do I save the existing formatting? When I click different entries they show different styles - i.e. Heading 1, Heading 2. But I want them all to be the same.
  10. Is there a method for quickly navigating through the sections? An option to double click on the section manager seems an obvious way to do this. Has anything else been implemented that saves me scrolling through pages, looking for sections?
  11. Thanks Geoff. I did spy the rotate box, and managed to get there. Still, I don't know why you can't select and object and more easily rotate it.
  12. I need to write the title of a book along the spine and am stumped. If I hit rotate the whole document rotates. How do I get the box alone to rotate?
  13. I want to keep the whole thing in line as it is presently, but move the left margin in.
  14. I tried it both ways, with no joy. I have the latest version installed. Any other thoughts?
  15. Use this exactly? I tried, but it found nothing - though I know there must be dozens more cases in the doc.
  16. This adds spaces after the number - but I want to indent the whole numbered list. I assume there is an option to indent the list itself - instead of having it stuck to the left hand margin?
  17. I have been trying to find and replace double spaces in the text with single spaces. I am finding that the search feature is very hit and miss. I continually find double spaces while eyeballing the text which I have to correct manually. Is there some reason the search feature is missing so many? I have found this in searching for other things as well. Is this feature still under development? Thanks
  18. I have a left indent set in the numbered list, but the numbers are all left margin aligned. How do I fix this?
  19. I watched the video but could not understand how this would apply to my project. I cannot seem to make the basics work well in Publisher, so the more advanced ideas are beyond me at this point.
  20. How do you mean 'smart' master pages? Is there a good video tutorial that you know of that demonstrates this?
  21. I attach two files - WISS forum 3.afpub - and - WISS forum 4.afpub In the first, you can see the before - and in the second, the after. When I delete the blank page after the TOC, it goes to pieces. The headers behave strangely. The right hand headers vanish from some pages, and on page XV one appears with red dots. This is pretty much the last thing I need to solve in this file. All thoughts most welcome.
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