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  1. I have designer, photo and publisher and need to make hexagons. What is the easiest and most accurate way to do this? I see you can change the number of sides for a polygon - but how do you make all sides the same length?
  2. How can I clip off the unwanted lines at the tip of this bubble? It was drawn with the pencil tool. Secondly, I want to be able to make freehand shapes and then improve their shape. How would I make them more smooth in their overall form?
  3. I want to have a phrase made up of letters which each have a unique image within them. Imagine the letter M being filled with an image, instead of black ink. So I cannot simply have a single image sitting behind/within each letter. How can I set an image within the lettering of each character, and then assemble them into a single phrase? It's tough to explain, but hopefully you're getting the idea.
  4. How do I merge the adjustment into background? I dragged the adjustment into background, and followed the other steps, but the dark background still exists.
  5. In trying to remove the white background from this image, I still seem to end up with a non transparent background. See the cover mockup file. How do I get a properly clear background? Peace_mockup.afphoto
  6. I managed to get it working, but it just makes it look like I have a skin condition. Is there a better way to light the right side of the image, or do I just need to get better at using dodge?
  7. I have the dodge brush selected, and am trying to use it to lighten part of an image, but nothing is happening. Where might I be going wrong? I'm attaching an image of the work area. Thanks
  8. I think this circles back to my initial question. How do I adjust the text frames so that they are equal in distance from the center? Changing the master page margins still makes no difference to the layout of the text frames. They only shift if I do so manually.
  9. Thanks Thomaso. I will go through these points and see if I can follow your guidance.
  10. Sub question: what is the fastest way to delete large numbers of pages?
  11. Having tried this, the actual layout does not change, even when reapplying the master to specific pages to check. Where am I going wrong?
  12. I'm looking at a proof of my new book and I'd really like to increase the gutter by a small amount. What is the best way to do this? I've tried just nudging the text boxes out on the master page, but my nerve is failing me - I'm not getting the info I need that assures me that the gutter is increasing by the same amount on both sides of the spread. All I can see is the x axis is changing. In Word it is simple, so I'm hoping there is a gutter control option somewhere.
  13. I'm not sure how to get this to work. I can't seem to select the rectangle I want to apply the brush to. The assistant adds mask layers, but I don't know how to work with them. The brush just does nothing to anything/everything.
  14. I need to make a banner with sort of frayed edges - what might be a good approach for doing this?
  15. I would like to add my voice to those calling for a word count feature. Once my books are laid out I will still spend time on them, and my even add or delete sections. So there is always a need to generate fresh word counts. Working with other people, especially when quoting for audiobook production, makes it essential to have an accurate word count. Please add this feature.
  16. I'm also getting a frequent crashing issue, apparently at random. It's a 400-page book. There is no obvious pattern. I have sent a couple of crash reports. No idea how to share them here.
  17. How would they not be over the canvas? They are top when I drag them out, but then they disappear when I release the mouse.
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