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  1. Works great, thanks guys. I only noticed you check contiguous, not uncheck it again. It's like learning to drive again - so many things to pay attention to. One last thing: for the final layout I have many other cover elements, including text boxes. And I need to have all the elements ungrouped until the last minute, as I need to do tiny adjustments to line everything up. How would you recommend I handle the masking, given that there are so many other elements on the page? Do I just untick everything that I don't want to work with, and perform the steps in your video?
  2. Thank you. If I click the inside of the circle, only the inside is selected. Likewise if I select the outside of the circle (but still within that box) Where might I be going wrong? Also, how do you create your videos?
  3. That could be helpful, thank you. When you say 'select the black' in your instructions - which black are you referring to? The background, or the grey in the box?
  4. How have you merged the circle and the background before starting? I can follow what you are doing mostly, but I have them as separate layers, so the process is not behaving the same. Thanks
  5. I tried to follow all this - but I still ended up with the same grey box. I'll try it again from the top ... I think I followed it better this time, but now have an outline around the grey box when I zoom in When he says: select the black Which black is he referring to? The black background (left me with same grey box), or the grey box (left me with grey outline of box)?
  6. I got as far as step 5, Click on the mask layer icon - but could not get this working. I cannot select only the mask - the background is always selected as well
  7. I have a PNG image for a book cover, and need it to merge with the black tone of the background. But even though it is a PNG, and I would expect (in my ignorance) the image to merge with the background, you can see a grey box around the image. Is there a way to have the image sit on the background without the grey box showing? I could try changing the whole background to the same grey box color, but that's not my preference. I've upload all relevant files here. Thanks. M:M_AFF_test_1.afphoto
  8. I have everything else as it needs to be, all masters, TOC, everything. I simply need to insert some pages without screwing up the linked frames, sections, headers etc.
  9. I have a book laid out and need to insert the foreword. I have tripped up in the past when trying to add new sections, so would like to ask the community's advice on the best and easiest method. I have everything else as it needs to be, all masters, TOC, everything. I simply need to insert some pages without screwing up the linked frames, sections, headers etc. I'm not sure what you'll need to know about the way the book is set up, so please ask for any clarifications. Thanks.
  10. Evidently I wandered into this realm cluelessly. Having never used InDesign I assumed that if someone says 'here is an image', that it is indeed an image. I have gone back to the sender to look for a solution.
  11. Using XnConvert the error message says: "Not a picture" The mystery deepens I have gone back to the sender and asked them to convert to PNG within InDesign - fingers crossed The file seems wonky
  12. I started here: https://fixthephoto.com/indd-file.html Convertio says: Online Covert says: Conversion Error Unfortunately we can not convert your file yet from your source file format to this target file format. Please take a look at our FAQ.
  13. If I cannot open them, does anyone know of a free converter? I'd like to convert .indd to .png I've tried a couple of free converters but both gave error messages. Thanks
  14. Thanks. I was really hoping it was way simpler than this. If anyone has an easier way to do this, please share.
  15. I want to make an octagon. When I make a polygon and set the number of sides to eight, it makes the points the top and bottom, rather than the base. I want to convert it to a text frame, so that text sits in the base of the octagon. So how do I make a flat surface the base? If I use the rotate feature, it still forces the text to run at an angle. Thanks.
  16. I have designer, photo and publisher and need to make hexagons. What is the easiest and most accurate way to do this? I see you can change the number of sides for a polygon - but how do you make all sides the same length?
  17. How can I clip off the unwanted lines at the tip of this bubble? It was drawn with the pencil tool. Secondly, I want to be able to make freehand shapes and then improve their shape. How would I make them more smooth in their overall form?
  18. I want to have a phrase made up of letters which each have a unique image within them. Imagine the letter M being filled with an image, instead of black ink. So I cannot simply have a single image sitting behind/within each letter. How can I set an image within the lettering of each character, and then assemble them into a single phrase? It's tough to explain, but hopefully you're getting the idea.
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