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  1. I often use Affinity Photo 2 to edit images on my MacBook Air M2 and save them to a drive shared from another computer on the same local network (they are then imported from there into Avid Media Composer). If I forget to close all the images in Affinity Photo and try to launch the application away from the network - or the computer with the shared drive is switched off - Affinity Photo hangs on launch with a system message telling me it's unable to find the drive. I can't find a way to do a 'clean' launch of the application where it's not trying to reopen previously open files. I know how to launch Media Composer so it doesn't reopen the last used project - there must be a similar function in Affinity Photo but I can't seem to find anything in the user manual.
  2. Hi Affinity users The last time I used Affinity Photo 2 was at home, I was editing pictures on my NAS. I didn't quit Affinity or close the images when I finished. I'm now far from home - and the NAS - but every time I try to start Photo 2 I get beach balling and a system dialogue box comes up ' There was a problem connecting to the server "(name of home NAS)". I've tried deleting user prefs in user library and it starts as far as a splash screen thanking me for buying Photo 2 and asking if I want to import user content from the previous installation but then whichever option I chose - I've tried it twice - I'm back on beach balling and the system dialogue reappears. Any help much appreciated Thanks Justin
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