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  1. Dear MEB Thank you for your attention Of course I started even with this two videos before trying the mask on my photo. However, the tutorials work with a rather uniform background which is not my case Would appreciate very much if you have some specific hints for masking the veil (right person in my photo); if so please be specific and explain step be step, e.G. saying try channel masking would not be helpful since I am a beginner Maybe a helpful info for your job: many tutorials are not easy to grasp since the person is using very fast the different operation by mouse without telling where and what the click look of instance a tutorial of Anthony Morgan for LR where each step is clearly described; I have the impressions the tutorials all suppose that you know Photoshop by heart Thank you for your attention RESKLAU
  2. Thank you very much for your devoted assistance regard my problem
  3. Thank you very much MBd You succeeded in 5 minutes what I failed in 2 days How did you obtain the black fill layer below? RESOLVED, I could do it If I start with quick mask and then Refine, matte brush I always fail the veil and finally when I select layer mask from the panel at right, I get a mask but it remains the selection active in other words how I finalise the mask after operations of quick mask and mask refinement? How do you start channel operation? Thank you again
  4. Newcomer needs assistance After purchasing Affinity Photo my first task aimed at: masking street portraits and/or people from background thereafter filling empty background space with one colour: black Despite study of various masking tutorials I have difficulty in: a) separating hair & veil from street background which is of course not uniform like sky, etcc b) find quick way to fill with black Very thankful for assistance taking into account newcomer to affinity but familiar with Lightroom Thank you of your attention
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