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  1. I tested it and like JimmyJack stated: - EPS (for export) : ok - EPS (for print): NOT ok
  2. The funny/strange/unexpected thing is AI doesn't have this problem. I have the original AI-file and and AI-exported EPS-files, open them in AD. Everything looks fine. I saved them without any other action taken. Reopen the AD-exported file shows errors in the path. To me this looks like AD is leaving info out. Why this happens to the p and not with other curves I don't know.
  3. Hi Chris, Not that I'm aware of. (I can't seem to find a way to attache the settings screenshot, but nothing unusual I think). As I said before, just opened AI-eps and exported AD-eps. AD-eps contains strange path twists. Thanks for looking into this. Regards
  4. Hi, When exporting to EPS some of the paths go astray. I have attached the original AI exported EPS file and the AD exported EPS file. Nothing changed, just opened and exported. Both AI and AD show the path-error. I'm using AD 1.5.4 in OSX 10.11.6 (El Capitan). Hope you are able to fix this, because it's degrading the usefulness of AD to me. Kind regards, Roland. Semantica2b.eps Semantica2b-ad-error.eps
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