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  1. Matt was really responsive the first time I posted about this, but I haven't heard back in a while. Check the post I just bumped.
  2. Hey Matt, Any news on this front? Thanks, M.
  3. I logged this one a couple months back and it's a complete deal-breaker. Waiting to hear if it's something that will be fixed before I can use the program professionally. It also happens with other tools, it's just more noticeable with the brushes.
  4. Matt, There is a noticeable delay between the moment the mouse button is down/tablet down/pen down and the next time it draws a stroke. The effect is that when doing short quick strokes, I only see the initial point after a fraction of a second, something like 0.2s probably. Like I pointed out initially, this effectively makes drawing short strokes almost impossible since I won't see what I'm doing until the pen has moved enough. In Designer, specifically, when drawing with vectors, that means I can't just tap to make a dot. I have to hold the pen/mouse down and wiggle it a bit until s
  5. I tried your suggestions plus a lot more and the initial stutter is still there, unfortunately... New information: The same occurs in Affinity Photo. And with all cursor-based tools (e.g. marquee tools, move tool), not just paintbrushes. Occurs with the built in trackpad (!!!) not just Wacom tablets. Here are the additional steps I've taken: Tried several illustration/photo editing programs. None showed the issue. The only issue they showed is being worse than Affinity. :) Cleared Wacom preferences. Removed Wacom driver completely, reinstalled it with default settings. Tried my Cintiq.
  6. Cursor lags for a fraction of a second after the pen is put down and then moved. Happens for every tool in both drawing and pixel personas. Most visible when using any of the freehand drawing tools. This creates a noticeable hiccup for every stroke, and makes short strokes with low pressure virtually impossible to make. Different pressure settings Different Wacom pens Lower view settings in AD preferences Closer and further zoom I've searched extensively on the forums and the web at large and found no more reports of this so I'm wondering if it's only happening in my particular
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