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  1. Can you please post a beginning-to-end video of the various processes for developing/editing a RAW photo of the milky way? There are many photoshop instructional tutorials for this process, but I can find none for Affinity Photo. I much prefer to use Affinity, and I'm still somewhat inexperienced with photo editing in general. I want to invest my time in learning Affinity directly, rather than learning photoshop and then translating that experience to Affinity. Thank you for your help. I am attaching a amazon cloud link (the file is too large to upload here, 27MB) to a RAW file for you to use in a tutorial, should you agree to help. I voluntarily relinquish all rights to the linked photo. It is now public domain. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/ELVNzIxUzNWFk1twdvVOaHCkD0xWV24wuMhGgUGldRR?ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copy Thank you James
  2. I have a png that I have imported to Affinity Designer. the current selection is "background (pixel)" How do I select individual objects or text within the document? I want to change color of text and also the logo, and I want to be able to separate parts and use them individually.