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  1. Hi, I follow the exact procedure like in version 1: In AP2 - Choosing "New HDR Merge (5 images in .CR3)" and Apply. Done. Moving over to DP and choose any standard Lens Profile, nothing happens and a yellow attention sign shows up in the Lens Correction (LC) GUI saying "The image contains insufficient metadata to perform distortion correction.". Choosing different Lens Profiles to get any reaction but nothing. Can't adjust with the Distortion-handle or the others. Can choose Chromatic/Defringe/RemoveLensVignette... Never happened in AP1. If I open one of the 5 RAW files and then do the other steps it works bt then I am skipping HDR Merge. And if I go via PP Filters/Distort/Lens Correction... it works but this tool is not as accurate or behave as good as the LC in DP. Help?
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