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  1. Update: I tried creating a new document and copy+pasting my work into it to see if that would circumvent the issue, but it seems like the issue in the new document is worse. I can't imagine what I would have copy+pasted that would do this... Also, I updated to version 1.10.6 today, but who knows if that has an effect.
  2. @NathanC Is there any chance you could create a new link to the dropbox? It looks like that one expired
  3. Yes, I can do that, sorry for the slow reply. @NathanCCan you create a new link for that dropbox? It seems to have expired.
  4. The issue I'm having is that when I colorpick an area I'm painting and reduce the Lightness of the color in the Color panel using the HSL sliders, more than just the L changes. I've watched several times as I've tried to get a darker version of the same green, for example, and although numerically the S value stays the same, visibly the swatch in the corner becomes more saturated as I lower the L value. I can paint with the colorpicked color, lower the L value only, paint next to it, then colorpick the new color (which should only be darker, not more saturated) and the new color now has an Saturation value way higher than what I started with. Yes I am using the latest version. Yes I can reproduce it. No it does not seem to persist in a new document (so far...) I'm on Windows 10 using a Wacom Intuos CTL-4100. Affinity HSL help.mp4
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