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  1. Hi, thanks. :) I used the same settings as in your screenshot, but with postscript level 2 instead - I think that's what they require it to be. I don't really know how to check the eps file for its colour profile though. When I put any of those eps files back into affinity it says it 'assigned your working profile (1998 RGB)' because the files were 'unprofiled'. The only reason I know my file was still in CMYK is because Ponoko (the laser cutting service I'm using) sent my file back to me telling me it was in that format. Is there a way of checking which colour profile the eps has? Thanks, George
  2. I've been trying to export a vector file as an eps file from Affinity Designer, so it can be laser cut. For this the eps file needs to be in RGB colour, which I set up in the document settings. On sending it to be laser cut though, it the eps file was returned saying it was in CMYK colour format. Does the format change for export? I can't see any way of setting the colour format during export, only in the document setup. Is there any way of making sure that it can be exported with its RGB colour profile? I've attached the example file and exported file: Circle test.afdesign Circle test.eps
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