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  1. Just wanted to mention that Adobe Illustrator for example does have a dedicated option for this under "Object": This will crop the artboard to the objects on the artboard.
  2. But it doesn't (and as explained in this thread it is not supposed to).
  3. Ah yes, I see what you mean. Yes, that is what I meant. Too bad - but I get that Designer is may be not the right tool for the job, I was just wondering whether there was a way (and I incorrectly assumed "Rasterize & Trim ..." would do it).
  4. The history only says "Rasterise". So "Rasterise & Trim ..." is indeed not working as intended in the current version of Affinity Designer? I want to trim the image to the non-transparent pixels. According to other threads here on the forum "Rasterize & Trim ..." can do that in Affinity Designer (in Affinity Photo it would be Document > Clip Canvas Though according to that help article "Rasterize & Trim ..." does not seem to be the right tool for that. If that is the case - is there actually a way to trim an image in Affinity Designer to the non transparent parts?
  5. I have a transparent PNG where I want to trim the image to the non-transparent pixels. As far as I have searched around within Affinity Designer I can use the "Rasterise & Trim ..." mechanic in the layer menu. However nothing happens at all when I choose this option. No additional menu pops up (which I assume there would be since the action's name ends with ellipses) and the PNG stays the same. Am I doing something wrong?
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