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  1. Et voilà - here is the example which is a JPG. But it's kind of weird - at the moment it seems to be fine. I have no idea when and why it works or not. So thankful for any help and advice
  2. @Hangman@Lee D thank you so much for you replies! Opening the photos in other photo viewers there is no colour change. I have this phenomenon only in Affinity. So the monitor settings should be fine, I guess. The photos have the colour profile eciRGB, I checked it again. Does this information help? Maybe I have to install this colour profile in Affinity? How does that work? And it seems that it's more or less heavy. At the moment it seems not as best at it already was before. So I'm acutally a bit confused. I'm sending you a screenshot from a current unfortunately very mild example but I hope you still can see the issue I notice. On the left: Windows Photo Preview On the right: Affinity Photo 2 I will see to send you the original photo too. Thank you very much !
  3. Thank you very much for your quick reply and offering your help! While searching for more information, I noticed that when I'm trying to open the photo over the windows explorer"opening with - Affinity photo" I get a message that it's not possible because "not implemented". But I can open the photos over Affinity Photo "File" "Open" or with "drag and drop". I mention it - just in case it might be helpful to solve the colour issue. The photos I want to work with are TIFFs or JPGs with an RGB colour profile. Do you need more information? I will try my best to get them all. Thank you so much!
  4. Hello Affinity Forum Team 🙋‍♀️, since I'm using Affinity 2 there is the following issue: When I'm opening a photo (JPG or TIFF) in Affinity Photo it is shown there in slightly different colour (brightness / saturation) than the original one has. I was able to get around it for a while by "drag and drop" the photo in. But it also doesn't work anymore. What can I do? There might be something with the settings? I'm very thankful for any advice and help! Greetings Valerianella ☘️
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