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  1. Yes, thank you. I've already sorted the problem out - well, Carl sorted it out - so for now everything is fine! 👍
  2. Yes, done that. Thank you so much - I must say, I'm loving Affinity Publisher, and I'm sure it will all click into place shortly. Cheers!
  3. No, no text highlight. I checked the text highlight was unchecked. There's just a faint shadow.
  4. Thanks carl - that seemed to work, only I have an unwanted highlight to the numbers, and the number on page 5 has doubled up to '55' instead of 5
  5. Hmm, I'm having some problems here. I can't find a way to put a blank photo layer on the master page... and I can't find the 'move to front command.
  6. Hi - thanks to all who advised me on numbering problems - all are now resolved, apart from one: most of my pages have full-page photographic backgrounds. How do I get the page numbers to sit on top of the backgrounds?
  7. Hi - my first day on Affinity publisher, and I've managed to mess up my page numbers. Can anybody tell me how to delete the numbers and reinstate them? My numbers are okay up to 5, then go back to 1, some are missing...just a mess. Thanks, Steve ps I also get a highlight behind the numbers, which I cannot remove.
  8. Thomas, that's just great. Thank you so much. I've been struggling with a Word/Photoshop combo, and whilst the results look fantastic it was such a lot of work! I'll get started with Affinity after the weekend. Thanks again for your help.
  9. I see. Each page will have a full-page background, with a central image and a text box. That's the basic form. The contents will be different. I just need to make sure the fonts are consistent, same colour. Would this be easy to achieve in affinity?
  10. Okay thanks. As for making one myself...maybe a bit later down the line. I wanted to make it 10x8 landscape. Does anybody know a good source of template?
  11. Hi, I'm considering Affinity publisher to put together a coffee table/scrapbook for publish. It will be landscape format, 10x8, and around 120 pages. Most pages will have 3 layers: image background, central image and text. Each page will look different. Is Affinity publisher right for this task, and is there a suitable template? Thanks!
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