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  1. alchemist

    AD freezes during export

    Hi, I figured the file was too large, but I was able to export large files before. I guess this one was just larger. Thanks again for all your help!
  2. alchemist

    AD freezes during export

    Thanks for getting back MEB, attached is a screenshot of AD freezing during export, as well as the project I've been trying to export as .png. I've seen scattered word around the web that AD isn't perfectly compatible with OS X-Yosemite? I would happily downgrade my MAC to Snow Leopard if it would resolve this issue. I am otherwise thrilled with A.D.! Thank you for your time, Alchemist LOGO CIRCLE.afdesign
  3. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm having major problems with exporting my files as png/pdf. During export AD basically freezes. I read that it is most likely a MAC update problem; they've completely dropped the ball these past few updates. I have Affinity Design 1.3.5 and I downloaded Beta - is there another AD out there? Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to export my images, as I am in crunch to get my logo on product labels and displays? Thanks!