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  1. @v_kyr that should be an idea to fix it up and I will check it. Thank you
  2. @walt.farrell, yes, I reinstalled Windows but I checked it and all fonts are like before hard disc damage.
  3. sure @Old Bruce but I downloaded .exe from my Affinity account. I suppose this version should be always up to date with all components like fonts. I am not sure if there was a need to add manually some fonts
  4. @walt.farrell, my hard disk broke up. I lost almost all data and software, so that is the reason of reinstall Affinity Photo. Reinstallation was the only thing I did with Affinity. I use Windows version.
  5. Hi, recently I had to reinstal Affinity Photo and after that font "rage italic" dissapeared. Could you please advice me how is it possible that a lot of fonts are missing now? In addition, my version of the Affinity Photo is up to date and registered.
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