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  1. Attached is a list of software on my pc. I found a program that would make this list. I really struggled with this not knowing how to do it. Software Versions and Usage.docx
  2. RAN SFC scan - Windows did not find any integrity violations. I am trying to get a list of installed apps and using powershell does not work / I am looking for other ways.
  3. It took me a while but I created a new user acct on my PC and tested the color picker in Affinity and it worked just fine. I am not real good with computers so I can't explain it. I like the program a lot except so frustrated with this issue.
  4. I saw that post as well. My Windows is up to date. I also can't find any of the applications on that list on my computer. Since I can't drag the color picker my go around to make a pallete of colors from my artwork is to use create pallete from document. I'm just learning the program so I don't know yet if it will crash from doing other things yet.
  5. Im in Windows 11 Home As soon as I start dragging the color picker program just closes.
  6. I just purchased Affinity Designer for windows. It opens fine. When I click and drag the color picker droper to my art to pick a color Affinity just closes/crashes. This keeps happining.
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