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  1. Hello again, I have been told it is possible it has been imported from an Adobe product years ago but whoever might have done it isn't in the team anymore so it's hard to confirm. These pieces are often reused because most shapes are already made, so they have been copied from other Affinity documents multiple times.
  2. I asked and it doesn't seem to be anything special, we can change the color just fine like this: Select one of those dots and you can change the color.
  3. Hello @EmT I am here representing a client that uses your products, we have recently updated Affinity Designer from 1.8.5 due to some stability issues with documents to 1.10.5, it has solved the stability issues but now we're having similar problems described in this thread (I have also tried 1.10.1 and it has the same issue). Essentially exporting to PDF or SVG always exports wrong colors with gradients, I have included a document you can experiment with that only has public information and an example of the issue exported to PDF. We would go back to 1.8.5 but some documents have already been started with 1.10.5 and they do not open on older versions so we really need this fixed, it's a very common use case for this client. We're currently getting around it by exporting to PDF flattened but that is not a long term solution in any way, it loses quality, the ability to select text and the file is huge. Here's an example of how it should look like (flattened and in Affinity Designer): And here's how it looks exported to PDF normally without flattening: As you can see the colors are completely wrong and sometimes it even export partially right and partially wrong like the thread author's example. Hope you can help. PDF EXPORT FLATTENED.pdf PDF EXPORT FOR PRINT.pdf DOCUMENT WITH ISSUES.afdesign
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