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  1. @Old Bruce Thank you very much Bruce. Will check this out!
  2. @Old Bruce Hi Bruce, Yes I understand, sounds logic. Can you tell me how we can turn this off?
  3. @Callum Hi Callum, thank you for your message. I'm so sorry I'm not used tu use this forums and I didn't know my message was published and you answered already. So I just saw it now. I placed some screenshots in attach. @Callum @Old Bruce Hi, I discovered that maybe its when I paste text in the text block the text jumps and the leading override don't work. When I make a new text block and I type the text or I cope and paste the text block and write a new text then everything works perfect! Was happy to find it out. Just we can't paste text then the problem is there.
  4. There is a problem with the text in a textblock, if I move a text block, the text disappears or jumps in the text block, it must stay fixed and stay on the top of the textblock. The baseline stays not fixed! This is very annoying and time consuming. The leading override is also not working when we want to change the space (hight) between sentences! How can we solve this?
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