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  1. The Rasterize and Trim function had helped, but I still am having large writes to my storage and freezing up. I think Im narrowing it down to changing the color on the Fill color wheel. I assume that takes a lot of resources to shift colors, but enough to cause issues after rasterizing?
  2. More News! @Dan C This time my storage was fine, but other areas took a hit. It is definitely triggered by the fill tool, I used it twice on one of the balloons and boom! "System out of application memory" 49.49 Gigs!!!! This is on the updated 1.10.5 affinity designer, I did not update my OS as it said an error when I tried.. Perhaps my issues are more internal, I will try to update the OS when I get a chance. *EDIT* Yep, same issue on latest Affinity and Mac OS. It triggered once again while using the Fill tool. Took up 10gigs of disk space and 50+ gigs of application memory. Hope this info helps, thanks again!
  3. Hello, Unfortunately the only backup was the corrupted file! I use my other computers for affinity as opposed to this m1 mac, so the version I had was the version since I downloaded affinity designer originally. The balloons were created in a separate tab within affinity designer, then copied and pasted over to my main project. I used a png of a balloon from the internet. It is worth noting that although the corruption happened during the fill tool on the balloon in the main project, there was lag that was picking up when creating the balloons in the second tab. The lag was gradual and I assumed it was just from affinity not being polished yet for the m1 transition. I did not imagine that the software would be able to fill my storage so I worked through the lag without realising what was happening. I was mostly messing around with the fill, pen, and selection tools. Fill caused most all of the major lag I feel like, I assume it would be more resource heavy. During the project when working on the balloons, I turned off metal acceleration, switched to OpenGl, and increased ram usage limit to mid. I guess I will have to rebuild, oh well! "There are those who lost, and those who will lose", that is the nature of working on computers. Thank you for the help!
  4. Hi @Dan C, I like your profile pic btw, - I was doing the Fill Tool on the black balloon pictured above, the layer is titled: "Black Balloon" within the "Black Balloon Group". - The colors used were black to white on the radial setting for the Fill. - I do not know if affinity keeps back ups or old saves on its own? If it does definitely let me know! I did not save a backup myself. Thank You!
  5. Hey I had something crazy happen with infinity designer.. I was using the Fill Tool on my m1 Mac (Metal turned off) and it started getting suuuuuper lagggy, and 5 minutes later my mac told me I had 0 storage left. I checked and found that affinity dropped a 141 GB file into my Mac's private file storage! I resolved this and continued to use the fill tool which lagged a bunch, then poof! Half of my layers started glitching out, they either disappeared or leave weird glitch marks. As i move around the software they dip in and out, but remain gone 90% of the time, Im wondering if there is a way to fix this? I tried exporting and opening the file on an intel Mac. Same issues. Guess the file is "corrupted" even though the layers seem to technically still be there. If anyone has a fix for this or any ideas let me know! Thanks 1872750970_ITISYOURBIRTHDAY.afdesign
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