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  1. Thanks again guys. So the only option looks like getting a professional tracing app. but that won't make it easy as I am not that good at drawing or tracing images. If there are any applications that convert raster images into vectors that would be a great help but do you know of any that could do what I want? Regards and see you around Henri
  2. The images were just downloaded to test the selection and transparency process, so any image file could have been used.
  3. O.K. This is what I did to get the end result of the image in question. 1) File Test01.pdf – Open with Affinity Photo 2) Export Test01 to Test01.png 3) Crop Selected Image and Save as Test01.png 4) Apply Selection Brush Tool to the image 5) Create New Document 6) Copy Image to New Document 7) Export Image in New Document to Test01-02.png I hope you will be able to show me how to do this better and faster and thanks for spending time to help me. Regards Henri Test01.pdf
  4. Hokusai, I have read a few articles about vector graphics and I am getting a better view of it. Begs the question of how you did convert my image to vector and what can/should I do to achieve the same result. I installed Image2Vector on my MacBook Pro but not sure yet how to use it. Regards Henri
  5. Hi Hokusai, I am new to Affinity Photo and haven't bought Affinity Designer as I didn't think I would need it. Along came a family member who wants images separated from the background which I managed to do but with the resulting pixelation. The image you attached however looks just perfect. I did some reading-up on the related issues but must admit that I still have a lot to learn and I am now reading the suggested wikipedia article. Your hints and pointers are just what I needed. Thanks for your help so far. Kind regards Henri
  6. Thank you guys for the suggestions. - I am using Photo 1.4 - the image was taken from a .pdf file - as for sending a copy of the file, will saving the attached thumbnail to Downloads not be sufficient? (I am new to this) - I did export the .pdf to .png and then did the selection - is this maybe incorrect to do? Regards Henri
  7. I have created an image with the selection brush tool to cut out the background. The image I am left with is heavily pixelated on the edges. How do I eliminate pixelation and sharpen the image so I can make further use of it. Looking forward to your suggestions.
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