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  1. Here is what I did. I don't know if it is the best but it works for now. Added a transparent image on top of the map bullet . It is not empty but a transparent circle. I then added an anchor in my text where I want the bullet to go. This way I can add many transparent images on top of my bullets on the map. I tried this with one bullet and it worked so it should works with many...hopefully!
  2. Thank you all. I will be trying this out soon. And yes, it is a bit misleading to have it only in the text menu...last place I would have looked!
  3. The map has bullets where we click. Transparent object is a good idea. I will also try that. I'm really trying not to cut my map in different pieces.
  4. Thank you. I wanted to use one map with multiple hyperlinks but it looks, after reading your answer, that it can't be done. Is it possible to put blank text frames over the map and use them as hyperlinks?
  5. I want to add hyperlinks on a map in my Publisher document. Clicking on the link will bring us to a different page of the same document. I can't seem to find this??? Thanks.
  6. Hello, It take about 25 seconds for each app to launch. Is there something I can do to shorten this? Thanks.
  7. Is there a way to export SVG files so they are not huge. This is a simple rectangle I made for a test. EPS is 5.29 KB Burt I can't import that file in Adobe Animate. SVG is 822 Kb. Option used for export so they remain vectors. No dpi. Any other solutions would be welcome. UPDATE: I misread the info. It was 822 bytes...
  8. Hello. When I am using the text tool is there a shortcut to go to the arrow tool. Obviously when I'm using the text tool if I press V I will write V. For now I have to click on the screen to deselect the text tool before hitting V. Thanks.
  9. Hi, iMac I can't seem to find the AFPhoto brushes folder. I want to import them into AFDesigner. Nothing in the App support folder. Nothing in my folders... Searched but no folder came up. I can use and see them in AFP. What am I missing here? Thanks UPDATE: I exported the AFP brushes to a folder. Imported into AFD...Nothing there but it did say it imported the brushes. Restarted App just in case. No brushes.
  10. Ok. Thanks. I figured I will do it in ADesigner and import into APhoto. Cheers!
  11. I'm trying to get my text to follow a path in APhoto. I know it's easy to do with designer but i can't seem to find how in APhoto. Missing something...
  12. Thanks for the info. I will try that. As for the PNG. I simply meant that PNG will be exported. UPDATE: I tried that but it puts the same image in every shape. I want the image to be represented in evey shape but as the whole original picture. Each shape should represent one part of the global image used.
  13. I am using an example image. I would like to break the image along the grid lines and have the grid patern become image tiles. What would be the way to do this. At the moment I cn select individual tiles and export but it would take a long time to do. The tiles will be imported as PNG's in a film. Thanks,
  14. I know this is an old post. I just can't seem to constrain my ratio. This a bit frustrating since it should be easely done! I have a square image and I want to crop at a 16:9 ratio. If I select the ratio it will not constrain as I resize. Thanks,
  15. Yes. Show guides is checked. For some reason it now works. Sometimes it does and then it doesn't I'll trash preferences and see if it fixes it. Thank you.
  16. Guides are activated but when I pull one in from the ruler I can't it on a white background. It is very thin and it shows up on my orange background. Any way of changing guide color ?
  17. Thank you. Yes. I must use the vector brush. It doesn't work with the freehand brush.
  18. I am having an issue with the Freehand brush. If I go in the textured brushes and select a stroke it does not do that stroke. I have to select the stroke again and then it converts the line to the selected stroke. I have to repeat this for every stroke because it always reverts to the default stroke. How can I select a stroke and have it use that stroke ? Thank.
  19. Hello, Just built a macro following the online tutorial. For some reason it doesn't work. I saved this simple macro: 1. Levels are adjusted 2. Unsharp mask Saved it into a library. I open a picture and just click the develop button to move to Photo Persona. I see the macro in the library----> click and nothing happens. I tried clicking the other macros and they don't work either. UPDATE 1: I exported the macro. I can import it and then use it on one picture. It doesn't work from the library. UPDATE 2: Works when I use the mouse...Not the wacom pen !
  20. I designed a title and would like to export it so the format is vector and can be scaled without jaggies. At the moment I exported a PDF that I imported inside Apple Motion but it won't scale up. What would be the best way to do this ?
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