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  1. Lee, thank you. That worked. I didn't know holding control allowed resetting!
  2. macOS Monterey 12. 4 Designer 1.10.5 Designer application crashes when selecting the Character studio regardless of file. Designer Bug.mp4
  3. Thank you, Alfred! Glad to be a part of the community! I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly, so thank you for that! Another question for you - is there any way to save that selection and load it for later use? Cheers, Rickey
  4. Hey Group, I'm in Designer and can't figure out how to make a specific sized selection. For example, I need to make a 3"x3" square selection. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rickey
  5. Hello All, Does anyone know how to precisely place a ruler guide? Thanks in advance, Rickey
  6. Another solution would be to use the rectangle (shape) tool to make the selection then adjust the fill/stroke/color in the tool options panel as desired.
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