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  1. Hi Chris, I tried that out and that seemed to fix it! However it's still confusing because there's no selection bound shown. So I assumed the selection tool wasn't working. Shouldn't it still show that a selection is present? You can see int he video that the feather is so high that it disappears. Shouldn't this snap to the canvas edge or be visible somewhere so you know a selection is present? I noticed that if I start at 0px feather and then turn it up all the way, the selection box still appears, but if I start with a large feather, the selection box isn't visible which was causing
  2. Any time I use the selection tool, it whacks out the entire app creating some weird bugs. v1.5.2. The video shows most of the bizarre behavior. To note: - can no longer move certain layers as they begin ghosting - can no longer make a selection or copy/paste selection The only remedy it to quit the app, but it does it in every file I try. I've been using Designer in the meantime sincd this is happening 100% of the time for me. affinity-bug.mov
  3. Meb, Thanks so much for the thorough reply and no worries on the delay! Thanks for the tip on the quirky "erase" issue/workaround - that's at least a start. Hopefully the dev team can find something useful. Thanks again!
  4. This is still killing me. Even on a single page doc today I'm getting a whole rasterized PDF. Any update on this or if you could replicate the problem from my file?
  5. Still having this issue occasionally..just wanted to see if you found a solution to this or if it's an actual bug. Thanks!
  6. Hi MEB, Thanks, got it uploaded for you. I included 3 artboards - 2 of them which are purely curves and text and the other one with a few raster layers. Even the two pure curves artboards export rasterized, but included the 3rd artboard with raster to show why I can't use the "rasterize nothing" option from export. Thanks!
  7. I have a document with about 30 artboards. When exporting and set to "rasterize only unsupported properties", some pages export properly with curves and text remaining unrasterized. However, some artboards which are ONLY text, shapes, and curves with no FX become completely rasterized. I've tried everything. Is there somewhere private I can upload the file to? Thanks!
  8. I had a major problem exporting on a recent large format project from AD, and now the problem is happening all over again (v1.3.5). Basically, any large dimension file (8+ feet) containing a raster image cannot give me a properly exported file. When the document is all vectors, I don't seem to have an issue. While the exports appear fine in Preview, they come with a wealth of postscript errors when trying to send to multiple industry-standard printing programs like Rasterlink Pro, Corel, etc. This is happening no matter what I export. Even worse, I can hardly get a JPG exported that will op
  9. Came here to report the exact same issue. Really looking forward to getting this resolved for my large print work!
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