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  1. Ahhhh ...thanks for the pointers. I will give that a shot. I did open them stand alone in the plugins ok. And the new phone is the variable in this particular situation.
  2. Well ... that's not totally true. Which is why forums are important. There are often, if not always, caveats and quirks with platforms, programs and plugins. I deal with it all the time as a multimedia producer. Sometimes it's just a small tip to fix something. Sometimes it's the host, sometimes not. When Affinity wrote code to be compatible with other plugins OR they with Affinity, they had to make sure that it was seamless, so saying it's NOT an issue from Affinity is not a given. The point is to inquire to figure it out. INCLUDING the makers of the plugins. What's strange is that (1) I have never had this issue in my editing, (2) It's happening exactly the same with TWO different plugin companies, (3) the only other variable new to my equation is the phone that took the photo. Which is why I posted. I didn't blame Affinity. I just stated that it happened as I opened the photo INSIDE of Affinity. Has anyone had rotation/orientation issues importing photos from sources? I would think it's something small but forums are a source to ask. Thanks .. Lamont
  3. Hi. I opened a photo I took last night on my cell phone (Motorola MOTO G STYLUS 2020). Photo opens fine in Affinity Photo but when I chose to open it with either ON1 Effects 2021 or TOPAZ 2 plugins, the photo comes up 90 degrees counter clockwise and I saw no controls in either to rotate canvas. I've never had this happen before. Any insight you can provide? BTW ... I'm on a Macbook Pro Mid 2012, i7, 8BG RAM, 1TB SSD drive, macOS CATALINA Thanks! Lamont
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