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  1. You can clip anything to text by dragging it below/inside the text in the Layers tab. As Dave Harris respond me, quite simple.
  2. ZVK


    Yeah, thank you. In fact the shadows of the ears have some noise. And i've tried with some in the skin, but that don't give me good results. I've been thinking about it but maybe are just drawing issues.
  3. Hahahah no, actually looking for one too.
  4. Who's in dribbble so i can follow you? My accounts: https://www.instagram.com/heavyblazenight/ https://dribbble.com/heavyblazenight https://www.behance.net/heavyblazenight
  5. At some point, will AD have a page like behance? It will be cool, because for example dribble is pretty awesome but you have to get invited and behance is for adobe users. And the share forum is fine but it's a little bit limited.
  6. ZVK


    The second elephant i've made in AD. I have some problems with the texture of the skin and ears, so i hope someone can help me with that, thanks in advance. http://bit.ly/1EdviXf
  7. Hallo, i'm Pablo an amateur music producer and i bought AD so i can make the artwork for my tracks, i don't have any design background but i think AD is so friendly-user. I hope there will be more tutorials so i can improve my work, and i'm waiting for the new features specially adding curve pads to text and some brushes. Thanks for having so much communication with the customers and the Affinity community.
  8. Thank you it does not happen all the time but when happens i have to reinitiate the program.
  9. I have one question that may be one theme of my settings or just don't know. I use to change a lot among 3 or 4 windows within AD but now when I switch between some windows the last one changes to Export persona, so everytime I change to one window this appears in Export persona and is kind of annoying because i've to switch again to the Draw persona, so can somebody help me please. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yeah, i have some crashes with Airbag font, everytime i pass the pointer over that font the dead rainbow circle appeared and of course i couldn't do anything, so i just delete that font.
  11. You just have to drag the picture layer over the text layer you want, as if you were to group but just drag it until the image make a strange rectangle over the text layer, then you drop it and voilĂ .
  12. Thank you very much, you've solved my problem.
  13. Hey! it's me again, how can i make to fill some text, filling the letters with random images?
  14. Hi there, thank you so much for replying every single post i've made that's insane in the good way of course. So in the past i've used one GIMP where you find a tool called Clone brush, and with the brush you can clone in one determined point the objects that you're brushing. Is that the same than symbols? I think that's a cool feature.
  15. Right now nop, but i would want to know if there's one way to find out what kind of font is used in an image. Thanks for the reply.
  16. I'm a newbie so, i don't know if there is any tool i can use to recognize or copy a font style for text images.
  17. Is there any way to change the color of the interface, i want to change that black frames. Thank you.
  18. The capability of changing the parameters slicing the numbers inside the parameter square that mesures instead of having to click the little arrow to show the slider. Or just the two of them.
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