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  1. Hi anto this works really well for me so your time is greatly appreciated - I'll make sure I spend some time trying to understand the how it works Rob
  2. Thanks, John When I try this it picks up some of the digits as well - I think I'm going to go with the following two GREPs and just keep an eye for the exceptions (?<=Tel:)\s (?<=\d)\s(?=\d) Rob
  3. Thanks for swift response - that worked for my example but sometimes my phone numbers are a more complicated format and don't follow the same string pattern eg Tel: +123 4567 45566 Tel: 12348 56612 ext 566 Tel: 12 5667 I tried extending your GREP as (Tel:)\s(\S+)\s(\S+)\s(\S+)\s(\S+) and replaced with \1nonBreakingSpace\2nonBreakingSpace\3nonBreakingSpace\4nonBreakingSpace\5 but it only worked for the second example with the correct amount of groups
  4. I need to find a regular expression to find spaces in a telephone number so I can replace with non-breaking spaces. The following GREP works ok on regexr.com to find the two spaces in "Tel: 123 4567" (?<=Tel:)\x20|(?<=Tel:\x20\d+)\x20 but in Affinity Publisher it says it's an "invalid regular expression" Any ideas what I should substitute?
  5. Thanks Walt. I’m only just getting to grips with Regex but I was thinking along the lines of finding any new line that wasn’t preceded by a space or return. In theory this should find any broken strings of characters Rob PS I take your point about hyperlinking all URLs but it’s not an issue with my workflow as the PDF is uploaded to ISSUU to be read as an online flip book. Single line URLs are detected always
  6. Hi - I'm working on a long document in Publisher with some URLs that go over 2-3 lines. Is there a way to find these URLs with Regex so I can manually insert a hyperlink to ensure they are detected in Acrobat? Thanks
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